The sorrow of Princess Kaguya (かぐや姫の嘆き)

Close to the day of full moon of the Eighth Month, Princess Kaguya came out to sit under the moon, and wept with such profound sorrow, that she did not even avoid from being seen by others. Seeing this, her parents also became unsettled, and asked what the matter was. Princess Kaguya said in a crying voice, “Although I thought of telling this to you, I feared that it would make you confused and bothered, so I ended up letting time pass. Now I think that, could it be hidden in this way? No. So it is exactly that I shall finally speak it out. I do not belong to the people of this country; I belong to that of the Moon Palace. Yet because of a vow from a long time ago, I came to this world. Because now is time to return, on this day of full moon, people from that state that I came from shall come to take me back. Because it is sad to think that it would make you sorrowful that I should not avoid it and leave with them, I have been grieving since spring.” Hearing the emotional cry, the old man said, “what kind of thing this is that you are talking about! Even though when I found you from the midst of bamboos, you were but the size of a seed, I have raised you until you are as tall as me. And who shall take back such a child I have raised? How would I allow this to happen?” He then said, “I would rather die!” and cried in a fuss; it seemed that he could not bear it any more. “My father and mother are among the people of the Moon Palace. Although I came from that state thinking it would be a short time, I truly ended up spending many years in this state like this. Without remembering my parents over that state, I was able to enjoy myself like this for a long time, and got accustomed to here. I do not feel extremely happy, but only sadness; however, not of my own will, I will certainly end up leaving”, said Princess Kaguya, crying emotionally together with other people. The servants, who have become close to the Princess over the years, cannot bear thinking how reminiscent it would be that they will have to end up parting ways with the Princess, whom they are used to seeing as graceful and beautiful. In the same spirits as the Princess’s family, they seemed so sorrowful, to the extent that they were unable to drink soup.